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Kulchur Lodge Radio #28 with guest: American Krogan

Kulchur Lodge Radio is an AMA hangout that streams live [1] on Guide to Kulchur.

Listen to “Kulchur Lodge Radio #28 (with guest: American Krogan)” on Spreaker. [2]

Recorded December 4th, 2021. Topics:
➣ Glögg
➣ The Night of the Long Noses (Twitter purge)
➣ Post-liberal society
➣ Leftism as white chauvinism
➣ Ethnic standards of behaviour
➣ The Fake Right?
➣ They never had a voting majority…
➣ The myth of the noble “other”
➣ The white man’s burden and the Left
➣ The danger of assimilation
➣ Malicious envy, ressentiment, misanthropy and the Left
➣ WW2 occupation of Norway
➣ COVID restrictions and “human rights”
➣ “The fact that you need a mandate means that you don’t need a mandate”
➣ Propaganda in video games
➣ Brainwashing
➣ Soviet propaganda was more Right-wing than Hollywood
➣ Christianity, universalism & modern values
➣ Differences Catholics vs. Protestants
➣ Éric Zemmour

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