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Kulchur Lodge Radio #33 | with The Prudentialist

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Kulchur Lodge Radio is an AMA hangout that streams live [2] on Guide to Kulchur.

Recorded Jan. 8, 2022. (1h 32min.)
Topics include:
► The Prudentialist’s intellectual journey
► The libertarian-to-Right pipeline
► Libertarianism as “opting out”
► January 6th as “poliday” (political holiday)
► USA as banana republic
► The new civil religion in USA
► Civil war in the US
► The Narnia Right
► A paradigm shift, not surface politics
► The incel problem as victim-culture
► Body counts
► Non-reproductive sex
► So many sour grapes out there
► Neurotic relationships with women
► Incels represent a wider problem
► Dysfunctional people on the Right
► Geopolitics in Kazakhstan

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