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“Reject the Borg” – Steve McNallen on Transhumanism and the Pagan Worldview

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Kulchur Lodge Radio #39, recorded Feb. 20th, 2022. (2 hours.)

Kulchur Lodge Radio is an AMA hangout on Guide to Kulchur.

Topics include:
► Shall we call it PAGANISM?
► How liberalism makes you PASSIVE
► “Your religion is dead and gone”
► Are the gods REAL?
► Guidance by the RUNES
► The MECHANICAL universe
► “An unbroken tradition”
► Is the religion tied to a historical period?
► Why haven’t we heard from aliens?
► Christians don’t like the ANIMAL part of human nature
► We must become more like the GODS
► “Wake the fuck up!”
► The problem with a perfect God
► There are no ancestors in the MACHINE
► The INCEL question
► WE have the way forward
► The value of RITUALS
► Wotan on the peaks
► WE are more interesting than the modern world
► The insane ideology of PROGRESS

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