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Understanding the WAR in UKRAINE – with Jaroslaw

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Kulchur Lodge Radio #43 with Jaroslaw, a Polish intellectual, recorded March 6th, 2022. (2 hours.)

If you don’t even read the Cyrillic script… just calm down, because it’s very easy to embarrass yourself.” – Jaroslaw

Kulchur Lodge Radio is an AMA hangout on Guide to Kulchur.

Topics include:
► A WAR in social media
► Geopolitical experts after watching ONE video by Mearsheimer
► The causes of the WAR
► The simplistic NATO perspective
► Winners and losers in the WAR
► How Eastern Europe sees NATO
► Kievan Rus’ and Russia
► The only thing we can do…
► The post-WWII anti-Fascist paradigm is alive and well
► Russia and the global order
► The Fox Mulder analysis
► The Russian ideology
► Ideological nihilism in the Western Right
► Obsessing about the OLIGARCHS
► Emotional porn in English speaking media
► The Disney version of politics
► Ukrainian nationalism in an Eastern European context
► A humanitarian crisis

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