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Praise for the channel:

Thanks for all your great work! It has really made a difference in my life, I was really black pilled at one point, and listening to only one or two of your podcasts & interviews really cured it. My depression just vaporized! — S.J.

You keep knocking it out of the park with content. — V.V.

I wanted to say how much I am enjoying your latest releases through The Cult, Frodi. Great stuff. […] Thanks again for the thought-provoking material. I am pleased to say I took your advice of ‘Don’t be a lonely weirdo’ and have made a concerted effort to be LESS AUTISTIC and fucked-up. Your message of excluding freaks is the correct one. Tough love is the only way, and I can honestly say that I projected and wallowed in misery and apathy during my red-pilling. I was genuinely depressed. — M.L.

The Morgoth and Semiogogue talks is the best content on the right this year so far. — D. on Kulchur Lodge Radio

I like to think of you as the Sperg Whisperer: you have smart yet autistic people on your show and draw out important information from them and make them far more listenable than they would be otherwise. — Z.D.

You take galaxy brained topics and make them digestible for layfolk without “dumbing it down”. — G.M.

Your a man’s man, there is no higher compliment. — H.S.

I don’t always agree with your position, being a trad Catholic I have a different identity, but I find your analyses always reasonable, stimulating and fascinating. I think I’ve become smarter thanks to you. Besides that, you are masculine. And when a woman finds a real man, she just wants to shut up and listen to him. — M

While we have some great speakers on the right, you are one of the most well-spoken. […] You are incredibly well-grounded and serious about our cause. — I.T

I love how you collaborate with intellectuals so we can build a common worldview with a clear, intelligent, non-conspiratorial message. — M

It’s high IQ stuff. — H.P.

I like the way you speak, there’s no panic in it. It goes without saying that you know what you are talking about and have made some very informative content, but you present it in a very relaxed manner. “OK, we have a problem, let’s discuss it,” and you have a respect for people … which shows spiritual and mental maturity.
Of the kali yuga, regardless of what is occurring beyond one’s control, one must remain honourable and dignified to keep the soul intact.
And your voice is perfect, I can listen to you knowing the energy won’t get disturbed. — S.

Really enjoying the cult content, worth every penny. — L.

[H]e’s broadened my perspective on the paradigm shift we’re ALL experiencing… — S.C.

I like the cozy discussions with different people in our sphere. — A.

I like your calm and measured, matter of fact Scandi approach. Content and aesthetic are always high quality. […] Plus your voice is pretty cool. — R.T.

I find your stuff most useful because it’s presentable and level headed so I can show it to average people but at the same time you don’t cuck and that combo is great. — D.

[C]onvincing opinions on our tribalistic future. — P.

[W]hat I value with your work is your no bullshit approach, you say it like you see it even if may “offend” some of the people in our scene. — R.

Firstly your interview technique is very relaxed and a nice mix of serious in depth analysis and amusement on the subject in hand. A sense of humour is so valuable in these times […]
Secondly the interviews give me a sense of belonging. That I’m not the only one that has been thinking this way for so long. — D.B.T.O.

There has been a level of synchronicity as far as what subjects I have delved into and topics you have covered at similar times. Giving me more insights as I have grown my own knowledge base in those subjects. — K.F.

[A] no nonsense approach. [A] fellow nord. Good takes. Not a puritan. — D.

Listening to this was like breathing oxygen after being slowly suffocated for years. There are leagues of men who are forgotten and sidelined by feminism and the stigmatisation of masculinity. You’re giving us a voice and also coaching us to not be negative and not to piss and moan about it […] We cannot become victims […] I really value your manner of speaking — M.G.

I found what was most helpful was the realistic whitepills […] When you see things negatively, you can only see obstacles and not opportunities. — T.

A lot of people have abandoned Christianity in terms of metaphysics and belief, but retain its epistemic regime and moral paradigm. As someone who actively seeks to extricate himself from the Christian epistemic regime and moral paradigm, you provide an interesting and useful point of view. […] Everything else is also good, but this is more or less unique to GtK. — N.J.

I like your personality, and the sound of your voice. — O.

You are a level-headed, well-spoken man, who makes no compromises, but at the same time, lets other people speak and respect other people’s opinions.
You don’t attack people on a personal level and you hate personal drama as much as I do and in that, you are in the absolute minority in the movement.
I think, when I look around in our circles […] you look like a natural leader to me. You are a humble servant to our cause and that is – above all – what is most impressive from your body of work. — L.W.S.

Your content is the best in my opinion, with regards to connecting us back to the natural world and spirituality while communicating hard truths in an unjust world. You offer a sense of balance, integrity and hope without elitism. — S.C

A more balanced and measured approach that you take to the topics we face. In some ways you display more maturity than many. — A.T.C.

Very high quality levels of discussion. — V.V.

I am a 42-year-old married man so I appreciate the level of maturity you bring to these topics. There are too many shrill, immature, and vulgar voices out there that are poison to spreading the truth of the message. That is why someone like you is so very important. — M.J.

I think you’re on point with what I think about the world. — D.

I find it very refreshing, to have someone bring up topics on masculinity, that doesn’t involve an equal amount spotlight in the oppression Olympics. […]

On a personal level, what I’ve gotten from your work can be summed up as daily reminders. I had already started my silent struggle out of self-imposed social isolation, but you definitely help along the way.

You’re not too harsh. — C.C.

You’re not afraid to address divisive issues, and I feel you have a very reasonable, logical approach and perspective. […] I take notes when you’re speaking and have a backlog of videos I need to catch up on. I especially like your idea of giving young people a better road map to life — A listener.

You are one of the best points of entry to a plethora of relevant or alignable individuals and work. Both past and present. Even then, you somehow always manage to keep the quality above and beyond.
Your breadth of knowledge and insights.
If memory serves me right, Jared Taylor said something along the lines, that he was very pleased with the development and confident in our future because of the high quality of men like Fróði doing excellent work. — A listener.

The general mindset and underlying culture feels very much on par with my own and I find the conversations to be easy to listen to, while also always taking something away from it.
There’s always some food for thought.
And it’s mature adult conversation, no hysteria. — PGM

Your shows manage to keep the discusion concise and on point, so it makes both insightul and enjoyable to listen to. — N.E.R.

You’re definitely in my top 10 of podcasts […] I like you’re calm, clear, fearless and intelligent takes on Western Civ. — B.

You’ve been a gateway for me, as I never followed politics or social issues until 2018. — e.

I like your content since you seem respectable, professional, and normal. For people to join our movement it can’t be seen as a fringe weirdo club. I believe many people want to seem intelligent and in the know. They hear ideas from the New York Times and subconciously think, “well this is what the smart, respected people think, so I should too.” We need to build up places of thought that have that can compete with that, and people like you could be the face of the competition for reasons listed above. It will take many years but at least people like yourself have started. — O.

The sheer increase in knowledge is what I find valuable. You just can’t get these conversations with your regular friends IRL. Taking topics from antiquity, more recent history and contemporary news and being able to sift through the dirt to get to the gold truth (even if it’s hard to hear at times). On a specific note, you mentioned William Pierce’s book Who We Are briefly in a podcast and I got a copy and read. Helped to organize my head about the Indo-European origins. And I liked you bringing clarity ab Evola as a guru on Academic Agents stream. Also great voice! — S.M.

I like the intelligent, polite conversation on your channel […] For me, it’s a much needed, highly intellectual distraction from the many things around me falling apart, and in a way I find it calming. Your voice is very good for that, too. — M.

Unlike most, you mention paganism, true tradition, masculinity, Hinduism, and you’re willing to go against the grain of opinions regarding the incel issue. — S.

Calm analysis minus spergitory — T.

With the crazy coronastuff which put everything on pause you went for the brilliant Decameron project. I’m looking forward to the crusade for the zoomers. If anyone can breach some new ground in this delicate matter it’s you. — J.

I am interested in a Pagan perspective on the topics you discuss – you come across as respectable, well read and very insightful in a manner I don’t often see. As has been mentioned, not spergy. Level headed analysis. — J.L.

[Y]ou are an excellent interviewer. I particularly like your sessions with Mark Weber. — M.

Most dissident media deal with contemporary issues and events, while GtK helps us to view them in a broader context. The historical perspective is necessary to understand the root of our problems in order to solve them. — S.S.

Your take is masculine, life-affirming and empowering. It’s a pleasant departure from the junk culture on the internet and degenerate city life that I have to tolerate everyday. — O.O.

Have become a huge fan of [GtK] and Frodi’s perspectives on the problems of liberalism and modernity. – A viewer [3] on Twitter

You draw awareness to literature and realms of thought that were mostly obscure to me. — T.P.

I think your primary strength is leadership. (Organising events and institution building.) — H.

[T]hank you for doing what you do, Frodi, as it is genuinely educational and worth paying attention to. — M.C.

This was valuable for me, you said some things here that I needed to hear. Thanks for sharing some wisdom. — N.W.

This episode alone is worth the subscription. — H. on Twitter about the interview with Kevin MacDonald and Ricardo Duchesne.